Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Who doesn't love honey. Or bees. I love both, so when I was asked to create branding for Tasmanian Apairy, I was just a little excited. I'm looking forward to seeing the brand on their product in the near future!

This is a very overdue post about a project I was privileged to work on earlier this year, the RACV Tiny Home. I worked with Maddison Architects to create the soft furnishings for the RACV Tiny Home, with stunning wool felt, Australian pure wool and amazing linens, I was in natural fibre heaven. For more images of my work insitu, feel free to check out The Design Files.

This little blanket was made for a beautiful new little bundle that isn't very new or little anymore, but definitely still beautiful! I do love a good zig zag crochet blanket, I still use my favourite one from my childhood.