I'm a bit of a fan girl when it comes to the bees. Let's face it without them we are just a bit screwed. Pesticides, and the far too common use of pesticides and insecticides irritate me, considerably. Sign any petition you can encouraging the banning of harmful pesticides and let's "save the bees" together!


I have a new project - creating designs for people in my life. These are how I see their personality combined with their own tastes (it would be preferable that they enjoy the design!) A part of me wishes my brain wouldn't conceive ideas like this because I can never see the end, and never reach completion. Regardless, this one is for my sis. Alle xx

crochet art

'Summer Ocean' and 'Autumn Leaves' are hanging with 'Winter Fireplace' now.

This is the third of this series of four. Each season has it's own special joy for me, these works are representations of those joys.

My favourite fireplace was the open fireplace at my childhood holiday home, so many special memories with so many people. Hours of fast scrabble and looking though old Country Life and Boating magazines whilst watching the sea roll in. This fireplace would 'pop' and crackle regularly and the woollen rug would often smoulder from the embers. These works remind me of that old shag pile rug.

'Winter Fireplace' represents the coal, ash and simmering flames at the end of those magnificent nights in my holiday home.