Recently, I have been a part of an exciting new venture, the reawakening of the MEMO Music Hall in Acland Street, St Kilda. Although I came up with a concept for new branding, it was decided that they wanted to continue to use or at least incorperate their existing logo (red MEMO in boxes).

This was my concept.

Phase one:

MEMO. I liked the idea of the St Kilda senset and how it comes alive after dark down there. I also liked the criss cross of the "M's" as the big lights that light the sky when there is something big in town.

Phase two: Add an 'icon' like the Caravan Club's caravan, and the Flying Saucers Club's well... flying saucer. Cue MEMO and it's old record. MEMO has a wonderful and rich history, a small part of this history is that it used to be a recording studio.

All a little literal and obvious I know, but that's pretty much the way I roll.

Phase three:

Forget one and two and work with the existing logo and incorperate the major partners!

If you love good music and you live in Melbourne, do yourself a favour and check out the website